Student Work Permits

  • SCHOOL SUPPORT WORK PERMITS VIA Illinois State Board of Education

    Update: September 7, 2021

    In preparation for our upcoming office move, our office will be closed for in-person work permit appointments or walk-in requests effective September 13, 2021, until further notice. Virtual work permit appointments can be made by calling the phone number or email address listed above.

    Email requests should include a contact telephone number to assist an ISBE representative with scheduling and/or responding to inquiries.


    Due to the COVID -19 outbreak, a remote application process has been put in in lieu of the in-person interview process. ISBE will utilize the Zoom application for these appointments.

    To begin the process of seeking a minor work permit, the parent/guardian should contact the ISBE by emailing or calling (312) 814-2220 to request an appointment. The request should include a contact telephone number to assist a representative with scheduling and/or responding to inquiries. The ISBE representative will then contact the parent/guardian to schedule the appointment. During the appointment scheduling, the parent/guardian will be informed of the requirement of having the minor present at the time of the scheduled appointment. The parent/guardian will also be informed to submit the required documentation listed below to

    At the time of the remote meeting, the ISBE staff will review documents with the parent/guardian and minor. A minor permit, valid for 1 year from the time of issuance for the specified employer listed, will be issued electronically to the parent/guardian if all requirements are met. The Illinois Department of Labor will receive a copy of the minor permit as well. In cases where there are any document discrepancies, the parent/guardian will be asked to provide revised or additional information before a minor work permit can be issued.


    The following scanned documents must be submitted to prior to the scheduled meeting. We will review these documents during the meeting.

      A letter from the prospective employer on letterhead stationery, signed with an actual signature by the employer or agent, stating the type of work and work schedule of a potential minor.
      An original birth certificate issued by the city, county, state, or hospital is preferred. If the original birth certificate is not available, we will accept one of the following: Baptismal certificate, passport, insurance policy or notice of birth registration.
      A signed written statement from the parent or guardian approving the child’s employment.
      A signed physician’s statement on the physician’s or health institution’s letterhead indicating based on an examination performed within one year of the date of the work permit application, the child is physically fit to be employed in all legal occupations.
      A signed principal’s statement on school letterhead stationery verifying the school-age child is active and in good standing academically at school when school is in session.
    8. PROOF OF COOGAN ACCOUNT (Blocked Trust Account)
      Applies to minors applying for a performing, acting, or modeling work permit.
      Examples of financial institutions to offer these accounts:
      Actors Federal Credit Union
      Wells Fargo
      Bank of America​​​​
  • Employment Certificates for Minors VIA Illinois Department of Labor


    The Illinois Department of Labor oversees the safety of minors in Illinois by regulating the employment of workers under 16 years of age. The law protects children by limiting working hours, prohibiting work in hazardous occupations, and requiring employment certificates (820 ILCS 205/1-22 Child Labor Law).

    In an effort to streamline the employment certificate process, the Department is moving towards a paperless system. Employment certificates for minors and Temporary Employment Certificates will only be available online. Hard copies of employment certificate forms will no longer be provided by the Department.

    To facilitate this process, please provide the Department with the name and contact information of your issuing officer(s). Employment certificates will only be accepted from issuing officers.

    If you are experiencing problems accessing the employment certificate, please try using Internet Explorer or if you use Chrome, right-click on the link, download the certificate, and select “Save Link As”, it will save the pdf to your computer, then open it up with Adobe Reader.

    In order to assist your students in obtaining work permits, please follow these guidelines:

    1. Access Employment Certificate Form or the Temporary Employment Certificate Form.
    2. Open the form and enter your password. Only the issuing officers may access the electronic form.
    3. Complete the form and "sign" by checking the box. You are accepting responsibility for certifying all information required by law before issuing the certificate.
    4. Submit form electronically to the Department to
    5. Print a copy of the form for your records.
    6. Provide printed copies of the form to the employer and the parent.

    Please be reminded of the responsibility of your designated issuing officers to ensure the health and safety of minors by verifying records as outlined in the law including but not limited to:

    • minor’s name and contact information,
    • social security number,
    • grade last attended,
    • names of minor’s parents,
    • statement of intention,
    • evidence of age,
    • statement of physical fitness, and
    • whether the work performed does not constitute a hazardous occupation.

    For complete information please see Section 12 of the Act and Section 250.400 of the Administrative Code.​​