Financial Aid Information

  • Since financial aid related information could fill up pages and pages, we highly recommend you do the following to best prepare for paying for college:

    • First, begin to explore some of the web sites located on the Helpful Websites page.
    • Second, attend the Financial Aid Night in January, which features financial aid experts explaining the process.
    • Third, talk to people who have been through the process and/or have knowledge about it. This could mean a friend, a colleague or your child's counselor.
    • Finally, begin the process early. At first the process can seem a little overwhelming but will become more manageable as you begin learning more. Again, researching the sites listed under Helpful Websites is your best starting point in this process.

    There are four types of financial aid assistance:

    1. Scholarships - These are popular because they are monetary awards that don't have to be paid back. These are, however, usually based on grades, ethnicity and/or athletics. There are also other types of scholarships, such as those for children of a parent who works at a particular place of business.
    2. Grants - These awards also don't have to be paid back and are based on need.
    3. Loans - These are funds loaned to a student through a lending institution with reasonable interest rates. Once the student graduates, s/he begins to make reasonable monthly payments towards the full loan amount.
    4. Work Study Programs - This involves the student getting a guaranteed job while enrolled in school, with the money going toward his/her education.