• Physical Education Mission Statement:

    The P.E. staff at Eastview believe in relaying to students the knowledge and skills required to empower them to engage in regular and life-long physical activity in order to provide a foundation for a healthy, fulfilling and productive life. In order for us to be effective in this mission, we strive to provide students with a safe and positive learning environment where no student will feel inhibited to participate in any and all activities.


    LIFE-LONG physical activity is really the key. It doesn't take much to keep students "active in the moment". Through a comprehensive physical education and health program, we are instilling the importance of physical activity while encouraging students to discover/develop their own INTRINSIC motivation for keeping active and healthy throughout their lives. Our physical education program here at Eastview is directly derived from Illinois State learning standards (19-24) in the area of physical education and health, as well as School District U-46 goals for K-12 physical education.


    State Learning Standards:

    19: Acquire movement skills and understand concepts needed in order to engage in health-enhancing physical activity.                       
    20: Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness based upon continual self-assessment.
    21: Develop team-building skills by working with others during physical activity.
    22: Understand principles of health promotion and the prevention and treatment of illness and injury.
    23: Understand human body systems and factors that influence growth and development.
    24: Promote and enhance health and well-being through use of effective communication and decision-making skills.

    School District U-46 Goals For K-12 Physical Education:

    The student will utilize health & fitness components related to an ever-changing lifelong plan that will enhance quality of life.
    The student will display the cooperative skills of teamwork, group & peer interaction, leadership, decision-making and sportsmanship that reflect mutual respect.
    The student will show knowledge, understand relevance & demonstrate involvement in a variety of sports and activities.
    The student will demonstrate and understand safety concepts in various exercises & activities in regard to self, facility/equipment and community.

    Locker Room:

    Students will be assigned their own locker, which will be kept for the entire year. Combination locks will be provided (students may NOT bring their own lock). If a student forgets their combination, he/she needs to tell a P.E. teacher so it can be looked up. The fee for a Lost lock  is $4.00. Both the boys and girls P.E. offices have lost and found areas. If a student is missing something, they can ask their P.E. teacher to look for it in the lost and found area.


    **Students are allowed and strongly encouraged to bring stick deodorant to keep in their lockers, however NO BODY SPRAYS OF ANY KIND are allowed as they are a potential safety hazard. The locker room is a confined area and sprays could be an irritant for students with respiratory problems.                                                                             

    Dress Policy:

    Students are required to dress every day in their P.E. uniform. Shorts are to be worn at waist level ("sagging" shorts will not be tolerated). Students need to bring home their uniform at the end of each week to be washed. If a student does not have a uniform on a particular day, he/she may rent one at a cost of $1.00/day.



    No food or drink in the gym and/or locker room at any time.
    No chewing gum at any time.
    Wearing of loose jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, etc. is a safety hazard and is not allowed.