• Up until a couple years ago, we had simply set up a makeshift fitness center comprised of about 20 different stations. We have been fortunate the past couple years to have the money (thanks to fundraising programs such as in-line skating) to buy some VERY NICE equipment!!! A 4-stack universal machine, 5 ellipticals, 3 treadmills, 3 spin bikes, adjustable benches, a chin-up/dip station, a bench press and others!!!

    Check them out! New photos will be added soon! We are excited to have this nice equipment because it gives our students the experience of a gym-like atmosphere. It is our hope that they love it and will pursue gym memberships on their own at some point in the future.

    This is important because, again, we are teaching LIFELONG fitness. This goes far beyond simply being active only in physical education class. I will update with more pics as we get new equipment and continue to develop the fitness center! Hopefully, we will get more new equipment this year as we raise funds with inline skating.