• Physical Education Grading

    Each Day, a student is able to attain a maximum of 4 points. The teacher will then assign a weekly grade on a 1-4 scale based on how the student performed that week. 

    Please note:

    • Students are not docked points for excused absences.
    • Students are not docked points for health-related concerns where the student has provided either a parent note (good for a maximum of 2 days) or a doctor’s note (3 days or more).


    ANY TYPE OF DOCTOR'S NOTE MUST BE PRESENTED TO THE NURSE BY THE STUDENT AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SCHOOL DAY. The nurse, in turn, will copy the note and give it to the student's P.E. teacher. The students should NOT give the original copy of the doctor's note to his/her P.E. teacher. It is very important that this protocol be followed.


    If a student is injured where he/she cannot participate in P.E. for an extended period of time (usually 3 days or more), he/she will be required to go to study hall during their P.E. period until a doctor's note is provided clearing the student for regular activity. The student's grade will not be affected. The student will be given an alternative assignment to complete in study hall. This does not pertain to Health class. If the injured student's P.E. class is in Health during that time, he/she will go to Health, not study hall.


    Grading Criteria In Physical Education

    • 1 point: Student comes to class prepared and ready to learn, sitting in his/her attendance spot by the time class starts.
    • 2 points: Student demonstrates a positive attitude and maintains appropriate behavior during class & in locker room.
    • 2 points: Student fully participates in class to the best of his/her ability.


    Please understand that this grading system is subject to the teacher's discretion. A major or repetitive infraction will result in more points being deducted for the day.


    During P.E. and health, students will be required to complete a number of assignments/tests.


    Here is how the grades are broken down:

    Weekly Grades (formative assessments) = 70% of students total grade

    Tests/quizzes (summative assessments) = 30% of students total grade