Welcome to the SHS dean's office.


















    Latoya McIntosh
    Assistant Principal
    (630) 213 - 5500 ex 4949
    Office Hours 7am - 4pm
    I am very happy to serve as SHS Assistant Principal. I believe that schools work best when the entire community rallies together to support students' social, emotional, academic and physical growth. SHS is comprised of amazing students, dynamic teachers, and staff, as well as caring and supportive parents. I am thrilled to be a part of this wonderful community.


    Jonathan Bacheller
    630-213-5500 ex 4914
    Office Hours: 7am - 4pm
    Dean of Students (Re-Z, ELL students)
    Room C115

    Mr. Bacheller loves helping students reach their full potential. He has lived in Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago and all over the United States.  Mr. Bacheller speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese. he has been married for 19 years and has 3 wonderful children. He loves sports, hunting, fishing and watching movies.


    Brian Brennan
    630-213-5500 ex 4915
    Office Hours: 7am-4pm

    Dean of Students (H-Rd students)
    Room C116


    Laura Lopez
    (630) 213 - 5500 ex 4913
    Office Hours 7am - 4pm
    Dean of Students (A - G)
    Room C118
    Ms. Lopez is a lifelong learner, who believes every day is a second chance for a positive productive new start.  She is motivated to be the best leader she can by her empathy and love for her students, and a strong understanding of where her students have been.  She has a strong desire to assist all people in meeting their academic, social-emotional needs so our they can meet their goals.
    Ms. Lopez graduated from Elmhurst College with BA in Elementary Education and earned her MS and principal endorsement from the University of St. Francis.
    She loves staying healthy and believes in constant self-improvement. Her personal leadership goal is to help learners of all types achieve beyond their expectations.  
    Linda Binder
    Dean's Office Secretary
    (630) 213 - 5500 ex 5515
    Office Hours 7am - 3:30pm
    Linda Binder@u-46.org