Welcome to the SHS dean's office.





  • Fernando Nieto

    Assistant Principal of Culture and Climate

    Email: fernandonieto@u-46.org

    Phone: 630-213-5500 Ext: 

    Office Hours: 7AM-4PM

  • Ang Ozanic

    Dean of Students: A-HA

    Email: angozanic@u-46.org

    Phone: 630-213-5500 Ext. 

    Office Hours: 7 AM-4PM

  • William Shogren

    Dean of Students: HB-RE
    (630) 213-5500 ext. 4915
    Hours: 7:00am-4:00pm
    I am an education professional from Streamwood, IL. My background is in Special Education and I am a former Varsity Boys Bowling coach and Varsity Softball coach. My passion is to help students become successful. First, in order to empower them with the ability to succeed in any personal, educational or career goals they have.   I love to be a part of a team working towards a common goal. The greatest joy an educator can have is playing a role in helping others achieve their potential.  
  • Al Jasinski

    Dean Of Students: RF-Z

    Email: alexanderjasinski@u-46.org

    Phone: 630-231-5500 Ext: 


    Linda Binder
    Dean's Office Secretary
    (630) 213 - 5500 ex 5515
    Office Hours 7am - 3:30pm
    Linda Binder@u-46.org