• Volunteering comes from the heart!!  You give as much time as you can, whether is it helping the day of an event, helping to plan the event or cleaning up at an event.  There is ALWAYS room for more parent/family participation at school!  Please know that a lot of these events and fundraisers are very special to our children and would be greatly missed by all if we didn’t have enough parent support to plan and coordinate them.  Also, the school greatly benefits from the extra funds that are received by our caring and supporting families and community.   Our PTO strives to support the Staff at Prairieview to enable them to provide our children with the best education possible. Your support is needed and appreciated!

    WE NEED YOU!!! There are many ways you can participate in PTO:

    Volunteer for one or more events
    Attend our monthly meetings
    Donate items and or $ to make our events and school more successful
    Volunteer to help with events at home: pre-event prep on your own time!

    The PTO Board is always available for questions regarding anything related to our school and PTO.  Thank you for  supporting your child’s education!

    *Please note that all events are tentative and depend on parent volunteers.  If an event does not have enough volunteers it may be discontinued or paused for a year.