• Keeping Your Instrument Safe & Playing Well

    Do try to keep your instrument at a consistant temperature & humidity.  Store it against an INSIDE wall when at home/school.  Buy a Dampit if your house is dry during the winter & your instrument doesn't want to stay in tune.

    Loosen your bow every time you put it back in the case after practicing/rehearsal.

    Wipe off the strings & body of the instrument (& stick of the bow) after each time you play.

    Only use "violin" polish on your instrument, never furniture polish.

    Ask your teacher to help when you're ready to purchase an instrument.  Places like local department stores, warehouses, some foreign-made instruments and computer bids generally have poor quality instruments, more like toys than real musical sounds.

    Don't glue parts back on to your instrument.  Let a professional replace broken or fallen parts.

      Your teacher is available to tune instruments most weekdays after school.  Call Kenyon Woods to have her tune you between lessons if needed.  Your elementary school music teacher may be able to help too.