• Studies Show that Music Can Help You

    Study with: Mozart's "Sonata for 2 Pianos in D Major"
    Haydn's "Symphony No. 42, 45, 56, 94, or 100"
    Bach's "Brandenburg Concertos"
    Handels' "Water Music"
    Vivaldi's "Four Seasons"
    Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"
    George Benson's "Breezin'"
    anything by George Gershwin
                    Kenny G
                    David Sanborn
                    Mustapha Tetty Addey (drumming)
                    Oscar Peterson

    Environmental sound recordings (waves, night time, etc)
    Calming Music: Bach's "Goldberg Variations"
    Eric Satie's piano music
    Brian Eno's "Music for Airports"
    Randy Crafton's "Inner Rhythms"
    violin music by David Kobialka
    harp music by Georgia Kelly
    piano music by Michael Jones
    Stimulating Music: Berlioz's "Symphony Fantastique"
    Beethoven's "Symphony #5"
    John Cage's "3 Constructions"
    Duke Ellington's "Ellington Suites"
    Peter Gabriel's "Passion"
    Isaac Hayes' "Hot Buttered Soul"
    the Kronos Quartet's "Pieces of Africa"