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    Required Materials:

    • **Instrument & bow of good quality & correct size
    • **Shoulder rest or rock stop (violin/viola should purchase a Kun or Everest 4/4 collapsible shoulder rest)
    • **1” - 1.5” black 3-ring binder (clearview cover preferred)
    • Rosin
    • Cleaning cloth
    • Loose leaf paper (at least 20 sheets) or spiral notebook (for Orchestra only)
    • Pencil with eraser

    ** = Very important, required by the second week of school.  Please don’t forget.


    Course Overview: We use the National Core Arts Standards: Creating - Presenting - Responding & Connecting.  We will be focusing on raising our technique to the next level, becoming more expressive players, in addition to learning new techniques and developing more acute listening skills.  We will become better able to choose appropriate music, and understand more about how the composer intended his/her music to sound.  We will try to connect what we do here to real life, and reflect on what we’re learning.


    Communication: You are expected to read your school email on a regular basis - weekly, if not more often.


    Course Policies:


          General Classroom Expectations:


    • Respect for the group
      • have your assignments prepared (practice)
      • be in the room by the bell, get your supplies out quickly and be seated
      • stay on task during rehearsal; focus and participate
    • Respect for property
      • only touch your own instrument, no one else’s (including school instruments)
      • stands are for music; do not lean on the stands
      • wipe off rosin & loosen bows at the end of every rehearsal
      • pick up after yourself; there are 9 different groups that use this room, in addition to sectionals.  Leave your area ready for the next group
      • get permission before writing on the whiteboard
    • Respect for school rules
      • Never leave the room without permission; wait to be dismissed.
      • Always wear your ID; you may keep it on your chair/stand during class if it interferes with playing your instrument
      • Follow instructions given by building staff
    • Responsibility
      • Know where your supplies are and keep them neat.
      • Manicure - nails on left hand must be kept below fingertip height for proper playing position & in order to play in tune.
      • Keep track of your sectional times; talk to your teachers the day before sectionals
      • Plan for concerts; they are required.  If you miss a concert, your grade will be lowered.
      • Wear the appropriate uniform for concerts
        • Nice white dress top - clean and crisp
        • Black only from the waist down (pants/skirts, socks, shoes)
        • Follow dress code.  In addition, skirts should be at least knee length.
      • Turn in any forms/written assignments on time.
    • Reassessment, Redos & Late Work: You will have multiple opportunities, if needed, to pass summative assessments, the exception being concerts (which cannot be made up).  You will also have some formative projects to help you prepare for summative exams.  Completing a task does not guarantee that you have passed the requirements; if you cannot show at least a minimal level of understanding, you will need to continue work on that standard until you can pass it.  Incomplete/missing work will need to be made up during HRP, KWMS’s homework recovery program.
    • Attendance/Tardy Policy:  Students should be in the room, either at their lockers or at their seats, when the bell rings to begin class in order to be considered “on time.”
    • Extra Credit Policy: In standards-based grading extra credit is not offered.  Student grades will be based on mastery of the standards set forth by Curriculum Teams and the Common Core Standards.


    Viewing Grades: All teachers use the online grade book, Infinite Campus.  You can access your grade book through the Infinite Campus Portal icon on the right side of the u-46 website.  Instructions for logging on can be found in the Handbook.  Teachers who use SBG will also give information on how to access Tableau, an IC program that will allow students & parents to see all assessments from that class in one place.

    Grading Policy: At all U-46 middle and high schools, we use fair and equitable grading practices that are based on student achievement and aligned to state and national standards. These common grading practices, which should be consistent across U-46 schools, are intended to demonstrate that students have the knowledge and skills necessary for the next level of a course, the next grade, and are prepared for college and the workforce.


    Standards Based Grading Explanation:

    4 = Mastery: Tasks or the target of instruction allows students to apply their knowledge and skills to new or related situations or scenarios.  A mark of 4 indicates not only evidence of application and analysis but also includes synthesis and evaluation.

    3 = Proficient: Tasks or the target of instruction consist of complex knowledge, skills, application, and analysis.

    2 = Basic: Tasks are basic recall and simple skills which include knowledge and comprehension.

    1 = Below Basic: There is some evidence of emerging simple skills, gaps in knowledge and unreliable comprehension skills.

    0 = No Evidence:  There is no evidence of learning due to missing or incomplete work.


    I would like to encourage students to find private teachers/tutors, and participate in other musical opportunities like Elgin Youth Symphony.  Visit musical performances - like the Elgin Symphony and concerts at local middle & high schools.  Find the classical station on Sirius & FM radio, and investigate YouTube for other school and professional orchestra performances.  Our objective is to help students learn to enjoy music in all parts of their lives ☺


    Please feel free to contact me any time.  I’m looking forward to a wonderful new year!

    Mrs. Heikkinen



    After reviewing the syllabus, sign your name and have your parent or guardian sign as well.  This sheet will serve as proof that you have read through and understand all the information and policies related to this class. Furthermore, there is additional space to provide any comments that you, as a student or parent, have regarding issues or concerns you have about the class.  This will help me get a better understanding of goals and expectations that you have for yourself or your son/daughter.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    I, _________________________, have read through the course syllabus for Orchestra.  I understand that in order to succeed in class I must be ready to learn with materials and assignments related to class and comply with all the expectations set forth in the syllabus.


    Student Name:__________________________

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    Parent Signature: _______________________

    Parent Contact Information:  Phone: ________________

    Email: __________________

    If I need to contact you, which mode of communication would you prefer?   Phone  or Email       English or Other _________________

    Parent Comments:

    Student Comments:

    Please print this page, fill in appropriate information, sign & return to your teacher within 5 days of receiving it.