• A Long Sunset


    The sunset on the horizon; setting too fast to really believe

    In the beautiful picture that fades into the night

    Once full of colors and dancing in splendid glow

    Now a darkness consumes with no mercy, a saddened heart


    But the distant day of welcoming colors is not far

    And the weary palms will again sway to the song of laughter

    The dimly lit candle will be no more; it will be an inferno of hope

    To freely adorn and soothe a ruffled life


    Of hope and dreams do we welcome the cold

    To rekindle the love for all that is created

    And believe in the strength that God gives our soul

    So that the warmth of summer remains unabated


    Be grateful for the way things are taken away

    Although we are in the right to protest a sudden flight

    The loveliness of living returns in time to join the gentle sway of life

    And the good heart will always know spiritual delight


    Be thankful for the things that we should be grateful for

    Life is fleeting and precious things will be taken

    Be grateful for all that you miss to the core

    When sunrise returns they were never forsaken


    They leave us silently . . . the wonderful, the loving, the kind

    Like a lover’s bridge disappearing in a whirlwind during a stormy night

    Of words there can never be enough to make it shine through

    The splintering spirit of hope that trembles. . .  full of fright


    To fly on the wings of faith and to see the crimson sunrise

    The pinpricks in the starry night that beckons our souls

    The fleeting light that disappeared will shine again

    And in time the land of tears will flow with peace.