2019 AP Exam Information

  • We are excited that you're taking one or more AP Exams this Spring! AP Exams and the possible college credit you can earn are a fantastic way to reduce the cost of college and demonstrate all that you've learned.

    AP Pre-Bubbling - Wednesday, April 17th / Make Ups - Wednesday, April 24

    AP Pre-Bubbling Survey - click here

    AP Pre-Bubbling Slides (in case you want to see the presentation again) - click here

    Testing Weeks (Monday, May 6 - Friday, May 17)

    Make sure you know

    1. Arrive 1/2 an hour before the sheduled start time (if your test starts at 8:00, arrive at 7:30am!)
    2. Bring at least 2 #2 pencils with erasers and black or blue ballpoint pens.
    3. Bring a watch. You are responsible for pacing yourself during the exam.
    4. If you are taking the Physics, Calculus, Chemistry and Statistics exams, you should bring calculators to the exam. Please check the the student site www.collegeboard.com/ap/calculators for a list of the approved graphing calculators.The following items are NOT allowed in the testing room: books, dictionaries, notes, compasses, scratch paper, or typewriting equipment of any kind. NO CELL PHONES ARE ALLOWED IN THE TESTING ROOM!! ALSO NO PDA’S, BLACKBERRYS, BLUE TOOTH OR MP3 PLAYERS ARE ALLOWED!!!
    5. It is your responsibility to notify in advance the teachers of the classes you will be missing during the test(s).


    Testing Locations (Monday, May 6 - Friday, May 17)

    Tests and their times and locations are listed below. Students testing in the morning are excused through 6th hour from SHS, but expected in class 7th and 8th hours. Students testing in the afternoon are excused 5th to 8th hours, but expected in class in the morning. 

    Note that testing will occur at either Streamwood High School (SHS) or Hanover Township (HTS) on Route 59 south of Bartlett Rd as listed below. 

    Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from Hanover Township. Hanover Township has two buildings:

    Downey Hall/YFS Multipurpose room in Administration Building 250 S. Route 59, Bartlett (use Youth & Family Services entrance).

    Senior Center Activity Room, 240 S. Route 59, Bartlett