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    Growing Green Garden
  • The U-46 Going Green Garden is having a wonderful first season! Plants are blossoming and we are connecting to nature. We are hopeful that all U-46 students will be offered produce from our garden this fall. We have tomatoes, eggplant, yellow squash, carrots, cauliflower, bell peppers, and hot peppers! We look forward to growing our garden community. If you wish to bring a field trip, volunteer, or learn more about our garden please reach out to 

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  • U-46 Creates Garden to Assist with Nutrition & Education


    School District U-46 Food & Nutrition Department has completed the first phase of its “Going Green with U-46 Garden”. The garden’s intent is to support and supplement the fresh vegetable garden bars at the elementary and secondary schools, as well as provide locally grown vegetables to enhance the lunch menu.


    Food Service Director Elena Hildreth and Food Service Manager Amelia Rothstein partnered with local farmer and community member Mike Kenyon to envision a way to serve kids locally grown fresh produce.


    “The garden project is a passion project for The Food & Nutrition Department,” said Hildreth. “We hope to grow it over the years to come.”


    The garden was created on an undeveloped lot outside the Food & Nutrition Commissary at 1150 Bowes Road Elgin. The almost 1 acre garden contains tomatoes, squash, carrots, cumbers, eggplant, hot peppers, sunflowers and herbs.  

    “Feeding the students our produce from tomatoes to herbs is going to be very exciting this fall,” said Rothstein. “We hope to reach the students to develop their understanding of sustainable gardening while providing nutrient rich food.”

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