• Elementary Math Distance Learning Suggestionsconstruction

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    Spring 2020

  • Eureka Math 


    eureka  Recorded Eureka lessons


    Eureka Videos from Great Minds  (English only)  

    GKM4, G1M4, G2M6, G3M5, G4M5, G5M5, G6M4


    Eureka Videos from Duane Habecker

    1st Grade     2nd Grade     3rd Grade     

    4th Grade     5th Grade


    Khan Academy

    Videos in Spanish by math topic 

    English  Grades 1-2    Grades 3-6


    Possible implementation strategy:

    • Students watch a live/recorded lesson
    • Students complete Problem Set and submit work 
    • Teacher works with a small group to clarify/extend learning


    **PDFs for individual problem sets are at the top of your grade level page.

    Kami is a great tool to write on PDFs!




     Assistments 2.0 (English Problem Sets for Google Classroom)




  • Other Activities at Home


    Math Scavenger Hunt magnify  

    Have students find something related to what you are learning. 

    • 3 objects shaped like a rectangular prism
    • A number with a 4 in the thousands place value
    • Something that has a fraction with a denominator of 4


     Activity of the Day  (examples)



     Weekly Problem Solving

    Example:  Ice Cream Scoopsice cream

    There are many different flavor combinations, even with a 2-scoop cone. With 2 flavors there are 3 possible combinations (vanilla/vanilla, chocolate/chocolate, and vanilla/chocolate).

    How many kinds of 2-scoop cones are there with 5 flavors?  10 flavors?





    Activities in English and Spanish