• Building a Classroom Community and Relationships


    As important as our content might be, if students don't feel connected to the teacher or other students, it will be hard to keep them motivated! 

    It will take longer to build connections online, so be intentional about creating those opportunities.



    Devote some of your class time for a check-in, if not every day, at least once a week.



    Desmos Getting to Know Each Other



     35 Student Check In Prompts for Secondary Math Teachers



    6 Engaging Icebreakers for Online Students



    Post a Discussion question in Canvas.  Ask students to reply, then respond to other students' posts.


    Display a picture poll or question on the screen, and ask students to reply in the chat.




    While name sticks may be cutesy and elementary, the idea behind them helps to develop a classroom community and relationships.


    Intentionally call students by name, whenever you have the chance.


    Be sure to connect with ALL of the students in your class. 



    When providing feedback on assignments, consider voice recording comments and using the student's name.  This gives students the chance to hear the warmth and tone behind your feedback.