• Feedback and Assessment


    The most important thing for us to focus on is the continuation of actual teaching and learning. Assessment is part of that process in terms of helping find out what kids are learning, but we need to look at it through that formative lens, and we need to have a level of trust in students that they will do the work on their own to show us what they understand. It’s that feedback that’s important. The alternative is the accountability lens, where we focus on whether a kid is cheating, but I think we need to suspend that view of assessment in the present context. There’s just not a place for it. – Mike Flynn




    We need to focus our time and attention on teaching and helping students learn.  Assessment should not be our main focus during this time.  


    Recognize that determined students can and will overcome any obstacles to cheating, whether in class or online. 


    Some ideas to consider:


    Consider incorporating smaller, more frequent formative assessments to support student learning.

    • Formative assessments help the teacher make decisions, but what is more important is that they help STUDENTS make decisions
    • Teach students how to reflect on their formative work, so they can take action to improve their learning


    Consider providing assessments that are open book and open note, to make proctoring less of a concern.


    Consider assigning fewer problems and asking students to submit a recording, explaining how they solved the problem and why they took each of the steps.  This explanation will give you a true sense of what they know and can do.