• Elementary Math Distance Learning Suggestionsconstruction

    (This page is currently under development.  Please check back for more updates)



    Synchronous Activity Suggestions (60 minutes)


    Fluency (10 minutes)


     Select fluency activities from Eureka that will prepare students for the day's lesson & address any gaps

     Incorporate movement during this fluency time!  




     Fun Activity Suggestions:

    • Build fluency questions in Kahoot
    • Use a grade level GoNoodle Math activity
    • Create a scavenger hunt 
      • Display a problem on the screen, and have students run to find the object that matches the answer in less than 30 seconds. 


    Concept Development (20 minutes)



    Do not skip the conceptual and pictorial pieces of the lessons




    Powerpoints are available on the Eureka Teacher Corner to support your instruction

    Use the whiteboard or annotate feature in Zoom to write on the screen!
       Note: Students may not have this feature.



    Students can draw on their screens! 

    • Load templates or blank pages in Kami
    • Use Google Draw and the scribble tool
    • Have students share their screens to show and explain their thinking



    Use breakout rooms frequently during lessons to give students the opportunity to "turn and talk" and verbally share their thinking with peers!


    Independent & Collaborative Practice (20 minutes)



    Have students work on Must-Do problems from the Problem Set.

    • 10 minutes maximum
    • Consider having students work in breakout rooms to collaborate with peers

     Do you want students to do the Application Problem synchronously or asynchronously?




    If you have centers/games that you have used in class and know work with students, adapt them for online learning!

    • Display games/puzzles on your screen
    • Have students work in groups/teams and have a competition
    • Use the whiteboard or annotate feature in Zoom to write on the screens and mark game spaces for students
    • Hold small guided group sessions or use “breakout rooms” to create smaller groups during games




    Work with a small group in breakout rooms while other groups collaborate


    Debrief (10 minutes)


    Choose questions to ask that will get students to talk about their learning 

    • Sample solutions - students share correct answers and discuss strategies, representations, vocabulary
    • Error analysis - identify common errors and correct students' misconceptions
    • Connections - ask students to make connections between two problems from the problem set - how are they alike or different?
    • Growth Mindset - what mistake did you make today and how did it help you grow?


  • Asynchronous  Activity Suggestions (15-30 minutes)


    Additional Eureka Math Components


    Exit Ticket

    Application Problem

    Additional Problem Set/Homework Questions




    Did you create a Kahoot for fluency practice?  Have students review in self-paced mode.  


    Math Scavenger Hunt  


    Have students find objects related to what you are learning. 

    • 3 objects shaped like a rectangular prism
    • A number with a 4 in the thousands place value
    • Something that has a fraction with a denominator of 4


     Online Word Problems Thinking Blocks

     thinking blocks     Junior     Addition     Multiplication    Fractions     Ratios

        Let students know what type of model to practice!




    Additional Resources in Spanish (from the DL Department)



    Small-Group Support



    Work with a small group, synchronously, providing needed supports 



    Intervention Time (if needed) 15-20 minutes


     st ST Math (Conceptual Intervention)

     Play ST Math for 15-20 minutes


    For Title 1 Schools, ST can be used for all students. 


     bluestreak  Bluestreak Math (Fluency Intervention)

      Play for 15-20 minutes