• BEACON Academy of Media & Digital Arts

    • The BEACON Academy of Media & Digital Arts will prepare students to become skillful and successful media makers covering the areas of audio and video production, broadcast journalism, web casting, and web design.  At the same time, they will be provided with a critical awareness of the social and cultural impact their work will have on society. Students will gain a unique perspective through opportunities to work with electronic media applications, television and radio broadcasting. 

      The BEACON curriculum is designed to provide an extensive and intensive educational experience for those who intend to use the modern media of electronic communication to serve the artistic, cultural, education, informational and social needs of society.  The program involves both theory and practice. Students will be involved in course work and hands on activities. 

      Course work for this academy is focused on five areas:

      • Theoretical Foundation 
      • Career Awareness and Preparation 
      • Technology 
      • Production and Programming 
      • Specialized Techniques 

      As with the other four academies students will apply for entrance to the academy during the fall of the eighth grade year.