• Gifted and Talented Academy

    • The Gifted and Talented Academy at Elgin High School is designed for students who challenge assumptions by raising questions and take risks by daring to try something different. The program identifies a student's special talents and nurtures them into skills through problem-solving situations, preparing youngsters to be innovative thinkers in the 21st century. 

      The Gifted and Talented Academy is a School-Within-A-School designed to meet the needs of academically gifted students in School District U-46. The program offers an enriched, integrated curriculum and a wide spectrum of Advanced Placement classes. Students apply to the Academy during fall of their eighth grade year. Upon admission to the Academy, students must maintain a "C" or higher in each academy class in order to remain a part of the program. Students enjoy the opportunity to take electives and participate in extra-curricular activities offered in the comprehensive high school program. 

      The Gifted and Talented Academy offers:

      • Challenging and innovative classes
      • Weighted grades in core subjects
      • Advanced Placement classes
      • Teachers with Gifted Verification and extensive classroom experience
      • Community involvement
      • Unique field trip opportunities, seminars, and speakers 

      The mission of the Gifted and Talented Academy is to provide a rigorous, innovative, meaningful academic environment to challenge both the intellectual and creative abilities of gifted and talented students. Given opportunities for integrated curriculum and personal exploration within a supportive learning community, students will be prepared to face challenges and make choices that will meet the complexities of today's world and make the process of lifelong learning an exciting use of their potential.