U-46 Safe and Ready to Learn Tip Sheet

  • Hybrid Model for U-46 Students 

    The safety and well being of our U-46 community remains a top priority. We will require the following procedures and practices to ensure everyone stays safe and prevents the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Please prepare, practice - and print this tip sheet

    Safety Step No. 1: Self Certify. Understand the U-46 Self Certification Process.

    1. Check your child’s temperature daily at home as part of your morning routine.  
    2. If you do not have a thermometer, reach out to your school’s main office and make arrangements to visit your child’s school and pick up one of our free thermometers. 
    3. Find the U-46 self certification form at http://bit.ly/U46SelfCertify and bookmark, save, or download the link to your device. Parents can log in using their Infinite Campus username and password.  
    4. Plan to complete this three-question form each day before your child’s arrival to school. 
    5. After completing the form, users will either receive directions/next steps if they have symptoms or a green checkmark if they are symptom free. 
    6. The form collects responses and alerts supervisors, principals, and nurses when an individual reports having symptoms or does not complete the self-certification process. Those individuals will follow up with families in a confidential manner.


    Safety Step No. 2: Cover up. Arrive at your school bus stop and at school wearing a face covering. 

    1. Face coverings or masks must cover our entire nose and mouth. 
    2. Students and staff must properly wear face coverings as we wait for a bus, as we ride a bus, and as we enter U-46 facilities, keeping them on during the school day. 
    3. The only exception will be made as we take a break to eat a meal, snack or take a drink. 
    4. When eating, we ask that students maintain social distancing of at least six feet apart.  
    5. If your child has not done so, practice wearing a mask at home and out in your community.
    6. Masks are available in a variety of sizes for students and staff at each school’s main office.  


    Safety Step No. 3: Maintain Social Distance.

    1. Students will need to remain at least six feet away from each other and staff members at all times during the school day.
    2. Bus riders will be assigned seating and asked to sit alone unless they are traveling with a sibling in which case they will be seated together. 
    3. Floor markings and signs in our schools will remind students to maintain six feet of social distance. 
    4. Use a tape measure at home to show your child what six feet of distance looks like and practice daily tasks or take walks with them while maintaining this distance so they become comfortable and familiar with it. 
    5. Practice tying shoes, zipping jackets, and putting on gloves and mittens at home so that students can complete these activities independently. 


    Safety Step. No. 4: Wash Our Hands Frequently

    1. Practice washing hands thoroughly to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
    2. Run water, apply soap, and lather front and back of hands. 
    3. Remind students to count to at least 20 seconds as they wash their hands with soap and water. 
    4. Students might practice timing their handwashing by  singing “Happy Birthday,” “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” or simply count to 20 slowly to ensure we’ve spent enough time washing our hands. 


    Safety Measures and Practices at our Schools in 2020-21

    Cleaning Procedures

    • Disinfecting surfaces and cleaning will be completed each school day. 
    • Touch points, or high contact areas, will be cleaned during the school and each evening.
    • Surface cleaning and disinfecting will be completed each night. 

    Quarantine Rooms 

    • Parents/guardians will be contacted as soon as possible if their child is sick and needs  to be taken home. 
    • Parents should ensure their contact numbers are current in Infinite Campus so students can return home safely and as soon as possible.
    • Each school has a designated room that will be used by the principal and/or nurse in case a student becomes ill during the school day and while the student waits to be picked up. This process is confidential. 
    • After each use, the room will then be closed for a deep cleaning.

    Playgrounds and toys

    • Our playgrounds will be open. Toys and educational manipulatives will be available.  
    • We will ensure students wash their hands before using these areas/items and prior to resuming other activities. 

    Visitors and dropping off items for students during the school day

    We are attempting to limit the number of visitors while still maintaining an open and welcoming environment. 

    • All visitors are by appointment only. 
    • Please call and schedule an appointment with principals or school staff. 
    • Please limit as much as possible the need to drop off items for students during the school day. 
    • If it is necessary to drop off an item during the school day, please call ahead. 

    Before school entry and dismissal procedures

    • Students should be wearing a face covering and maintaining social distance of at least six feet while they are lined up and waiting to enter a school or at dismissal as they are waiting to be picked up.