Procedures for an Emergency Distance Learning Day

  • January 2021

    Now that School District U-46 has in place a well-established Distance Learning model that allows for students to continue their learning, online, from home, we will be exercising an option allowed by the state of Illinois under which U-46 can use remote learning rather than use emergency closure days (or "snow days"). 

    Snow Man with a Shovel On days of inclement weather, or anything else that prohibits students from entering our buildings, we will be closing our school buildings and - in nearly all cases -  teaching and learning will shift to online learning.

    Teachers and students will be expected to follow their current instructional schedule on such days. In lieu of any in-person instruction, teachers will be meeting with students for classes via Zoom, following the planned schedule for that day. This means that students in the Hybrid Model will follow their planned hybrid schedule for that day and students in our Distance Learning Model will follow their current distance learning schedule on that given day. The previously scheduled instructional time does not change, we will just shift to an online platform. 

    Students and/or parents and guardians should be able to access Zoom links from teacher Canvas pages during these online learning days. We are asking that teachers ensure students are able to navigate Canvas to find those links.  If those links are not already established, teachers will send students a correct Zoom link during an online learning day, prior to the beginning of class.  

    On such Emergency Distance Learning Days families can expect that:

    • All before- and after-care programs are cancelled.
    • All in-person after-school programs and extracurricular activities, including practices, games, shows and presentations, are cancelled.
    • There will be no meal service during online learning days.
    • We will not need to make up a school day at the end of the school year as this Emergency Distance Learning Day will count as a full day of pupil attendance.

    We recommend that students continue to bring home essential items each night, including Chromebooks or other devices, in case we need to call an Emergency Distance Learning Day. This practice also supports our cleaning procedures. 

    We always aim to alert families to an emergency building closure in advance but no later than 5:45 a.m. on a given school day.  The District will inform all families of an emergency closure decision via phone, email and text, website, social media and through the emergency closing center which broadcasts information on local TV news stations. 

    It’s critical we have updated contact information for families during an Emergency Distance Learning Day. Parents must update their contact information during registration each year, and throughout the year if there are changes in a phone number or an e-mail address.  Parents can update information by contacting school staff and asking them to update the information in their Infinite Campus account. Staff members should update personal phone numbers with Human Resources.  To opt back in to receive text messages, text 'SUBSCRIBE SDU46' to 23177 or 63079.  If that does not work, parents can call the hotline at 855-502-7867. Please make sure to call the hotline from the same phone where texts will be sent.