• Welcome to the Youth Advisory Council or YAC!

    Food and Nutrition Services at U-46 uses the YAC program to positively incorporate student's insights or feedback on the programs and services the department provides. YAC provides students with the opportunity to directly support program processes, outputs, and outcomes, while also building the skills of young people themselves. The goal of YAC is to engage students, faculty, and staff in learning about health and wellness. Each elementary school has a YAC group, and the group is led by the Food Service Lead and Assistant Lead. YAC meetings are held once a month. Students have the opportunity to create a healthy snack, try new foods, learn about our food supply, participate in physical activity etc.  

  • Glennbrook Elementary

    Posted by Kathleen Straniere on 4/7/2022

    The Glennbrook Elementary YAC is learning about gardening and where their food comes from. The students planted seeds in the pots they painted a few weeks ago.  The students will be able to watch the seeds germinate, and will be able to take the pots home! 


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  • Highland Elementary School

    Posted by Kathleen Straniere on 3/15/2022

    The YAC group at Highland taught students about the benefits of breakfast and whole grains. Then they got to make some homemade waffles with fruit!


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  • Hillcrest Elementary - Quesadillas

    Posted by Kathleen Straniere on 3/10/2022

    Karina and Jazmin have teamed up with one of their teachers for their YAC group. Before the meeting, the teacher used the ingredients as a teaching tool for the students. They researched all of the ingredients. When the students came down for their YAC meeting they hung the posters they made with all of their research information. Karina and Jazmin had a few of them come up and present one piece of information they learned from the process.

    They got to make quesadillas with all the toppings, and additional school staff joined in on the yummy fun!! 


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  • More at 4 - Friendship Pockets

    Posted by Kathleen Straniere on 3/9/2022

    Saida Rosa talked to her YAC class about how the food we eat each day to stay healthy is like the fuel a rocket needs to get into space. They had fun making their own "rocket fuel" by building their own Friendship Pockets.



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  • Wayne Elementary - NSBW

    Posted by Kathleen Straniere on 3/3/2022

    The students had a blast helping beautifully color pictures to decorate for NSBW. 


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  • Glenbrook Elementary - Planting Herb Gardens

    Posted by Kathleen Straniere on 3/3/2022

    The YAC group at Glennbrook Elementary painted pots for Mother's Day and planted a herb garden. More planting to come for their veggie garden!


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  • Washington & Spring Trail Elementary- Parfait Day!

    Posted by Kathleen Straniere on 2/23/2022

    It was yogurt parfait day! YAC leaders at each school highlighted the 3 food groups that were used in the breakfast (or snack) treat...milk, fruit and grains. They learned how they could easily make it at home with what they have in their fridge and pantry.  The students were able to create their own version of this yummy treat...some even went back for seconds!y p

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  • Willard Elementary-Eat the Rainbow!

    Posted by Kathleen Straniere on 2/23/2022

    Damaris  engaged her YAC students in a lively discussion about "Eating a Rainbow".  She had a beautiful array of fruits and vegetables for the students to sample and used it as a springboard to discuss the health benefits of each color.  While enjoying their fruits and veggies, the YAC group worked on coloring their "Eat a Rainbow" coloring sheets.  All left smiling and looking forward to next month's meeting.R


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  • Otter Creek Elementary- Apple Day!

    Posted by Kathleen Straniere on 2/22/2022

    Shalah and Angel highlighted all things apples yesterday with their YAC group.  As the students learned a bit about apple trivia, they were able to enjoy applesauce and color on an apple coloring sheet. The colorings were entered into a drawing for a fun coloring book. a

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  • Huff Elementary- Yogurt Parfaits

    Posted by Kathleen Straniere on 2/18/2022

    Huff Elementary's YAC group met to discuss the importance of breakfast. Students were then able to make their own yogurt parfaits. They topped the yogurt with oats and fresh berries. The students enjoyed the parfaits and took home the recipe! 


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  • Interested in Joining YAC?

    Please reach out to our central office, and we will put you in touch with the YAC group leaders at your student's school. 

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