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    Box Tops for Education, a nationwide fundraising program, is dedicated to helping America's schools get the things they need—from books and school supplies to playground equipment and computers. 

    Box Tops at Timber Trails
    Our goal this year is $1000. We earned $1010.45 for SY2015-16. We currently have an account balance of $292.50 (this is cash earned after the March 1st deadline and will be included in our December check).

    Please turn in your BoxTops in a ziplock bag with the following information:
    • Teacher name
    • Student name
    • Number of BoxTops submitted (this will help me tremendously)

    Prizes for Boxtop 2016-2017:

    • Winning class will get a class ice cream party and receive the BoxTop Trophy.
    • Student who brings in the most BoxTops across all classes will win a $5 gift card and their name will be displayed on the cafeteria board and in the school newsletter until the next winner. 
    2016-17 Collection Deadlines:

    End of the month.

    Any questions, suggestions or if you would like to help count: Please email Linda Dawson at

    Thank you in advance for your support! 

    Linda Dawson
    BoxTop Mom