Policy for Extended Absence Due to Travel 

    The staff at Timber Trails encourages families to make their travel/vacation plans during a time of the year when school is not in session. However, it is understood that some travel plans are unavoidable during the school year. Our homework policy for extended absence due to travel is outlined below:

    Parents should understand that the instruction, activities, and classroom discussions that take place during class time cannot be written out or replicated by the classroom teacher. Classroom teachers will provide students with an alternate assignment for missed instructional days. This alternate assignment will vary based on the instruction being missed and the time that the student will be absent from school. Work that is supplied to the student is due upon his or her return from the absence.

    Understanding Common Core 

    The Parents’ Guides to Student Success were developed by teachers, parents and education experts in response to the Common Core State Standards that more than 45 states have adopted. 

    The guides provide clear, consistent expectations for what students should be learning in each grade in order to be prepared for college and career. Click the links below to open the two-page guides by grade level and language. 

    Parents' Guides to Student Success - English 


    First Grade

    Second Grade

    Third Grade

    Fourth Grade

    Fifth Grade

    Sixth Grade 

    Guía Para Padres Para Fomentar El Éxito Escolar - Español  


    Primer Grado

    Segundo Grado

    Tercer Grado

    Cuarto Grado

    Quinto Grado

    Sexto Grado