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  • School Visitation
    Parents are always welcome to visit Bartlett High School. We encourage them to make an appointment so that we may best serve them. All others must obtain prior approval from the administration of the building in accordance with established policies. School-age visitors are not permitted during the school day.

    Visitors are reminded that state law requires that they must report to the Visitor Window upon entering the building. Visitors MUST enter at the Main Entrance on the lower level of the building by the flagpole. All visitors should park their motor vehicles in the designated area of the main parking lot.

    Visitor Passes
    All guests to our building are required to obtain a Visitor's Pass. The Visitors Window monitor should be notified at least 24 hours in advance if you are expecting a guest. Student visitors are NOT allowed.

    The BHS offices are very busy with parents, presenters, district administrators, community members and former students visiting on a regular basis. The great news is that we seem to be increasingly popular!

    However, in order to continue to meet BHS Goal #3 - Provide a Safe and Respectful Learning environment, it is essential all visitors be directed to the main office to sign in. All visitors should schedule an appointment with the appropriate BHS staff member. Please refer to the BHS directory to locate email addresses and phone extensions to expedite this process. Visitors will not be allowed to access classrooms or offices without checking into the main office or scheduling an appointment. In order to continue to meet BHS Goal #1 - Increase the Academic Achievement of All Students, it is essential we follow this policy. It can be very disruptive to the learning community when visitors arrive at classrooms or department offices unannounced.

    Thank you for your continued support in our effort to provide a safe and respectful learning environment that fosters academic achievement by all.

    Fee Waivers
    School fees shall be waived for students from families who qualify for free (not reduced) lunch under the Community School Lunch Programs guidelines. Fees should be paid at registration and will be refunded when approved for free lunch. Application forms for the free lunch program are available in the Office. All fees are waived. You must remain on the free lunch program in order to receive the fee waiver. You will be charged for any refunds in case you are not eligible for the waiver. Bartlett High School reserves the right to apply the refund to any outstanding fines.

    Locks & Lockers
    All students must use the lockers assigned to them. Students will have the same lock and locker for their entire stay at Bartlett High School. Combination locks will be provided by the district. Lost locks MUST be purchased in the Main Office. These locks remain the property of U-46. Only Bartlett High School Locks may be used. If for any reason the locker cannot be used, it should be reported to the Main Office.

    Keep your locker locked at all times, and do not share your locker combination with others. The school cannot assume responsibility for lost or stolen articles.

    Lockers remain the property of School District U-46 and may be searched by school officials, with or without the student's permission.

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