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      ACT SAT
    Test Length 3 hours, 25 minutes (including the 30-minute optional Writing Test) 3 hours, 45 minutes

    Test Structure

    4 Test Sections (5 with the optional Writing Test): English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing (optional) Experimental (sometimes added and clearly labeled) 10 Sections:
    3 Critical Reading
    3 Math
    3 Writing (including the Essay)
    1 Experimental (not scored but included as a regular section)


    Reading Comprehension: 
    4 passages with 10 questions per passage
    Critical Reading:
    50 Reading Comprehension questions (short and long passages with questions)
    17 Sentence Completion questions
    Math Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, algebra II, and trigonometry Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and algebra II
    Science Analysis, interpretation, evaluation, basic content, and problem solving Science not included
    Essay Last thing you do (optional): 30 minutes
    Not included in composite score; Topics are relevant to high school students
    First thing you do: 25 minutes
    Factored into overall score; Topics are broad in scope
    Scoring Composite score if 1-36, based on average of scores from 4 subjects Total score out of 600-2400, based on adding scored from 3 subjects
    Wrong Answer Penalty No penalty for wrong answers ¼ point subtracted for each wrong answer (except for student produced responses)
    Sending Score History You decide which composite score is sent. You have the option to decide which total score is sent.  Certain colleges still require that all scores be submitted with your application.
    Test Contact Information ACT, Inc.
    The College Board