• This required course provides students with up-to-date, accurate information from reliable sources on topics related to health. Health Education will help students develop life management skills and acquire decision-making skills to allow for the best decisions and minimal consequences in order to enhance quality of life. Topics presented are consumer health, human growth and development, mental health, prevention and control of diseases, public health and human ecology, nutrition, first aid, safety, drug abuse and physical fitness.

    Health Education…lessons to live by.
    Mr. Bral - Driver Education/Health Education/Physical Education Divisional

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Physical Education and Health Education Student of the quarter!

  • Bartlett High School has pride in our Physical Education and Health Education programs!  Each quarter our department will nominate students who are deserving of the award.  We will honor students who go above and beyond in displaying the following characteristics during and outside of class:

    -      Respectful

    -      Enthusiasm

    -      Competitive

    -      Helpful

    -      Dedicated

    -      Prepared

    -      Sportsmanship

    -      Improvement of fitness testing scores

Recipients of the Award for 1st Quarter are:

  • Health Education Expectations
    The U-46 Board-adopted health curriculum provides non-text, activity-based learning opportunities. Students are being provided the most current health information through continually updated materials. The varieties of innovative strategies allow students an opportunity to learn through participating in cooperative as well as individual activities. All Health Education students will use research skills to develop a Health/Wellness project for this one-semester course. Most importantly, decision-making and life management skills gained from this curriculum help students continue to achieve an enhanced quality of life long past their Health Education course. For reference purposes, a class set of texts from Glencoe Health are available in each classroom to provide additional depth of information. To gain more specific information about the expectations for your child’s Health Education class please visit his or her teacher’s website or contact the teacher by phone.

    Bartlett High School Health Education/Physical Education Mission
    Our purpose in Physical Education is to promote lifelong learning in both the cognitive and physical domains. By motivation and encouragement, students will be introduced to a life of self-improvement and wellness. We strive to build positive self-esteem by teaching communication, cooperation and decision-making skills. These valuable life lessons will prepare students physically and mentally for the 21st Century. Our philosophy is to encourage students to be active and fit in the moment and more importantly, to teach concepts, strategies and skills that allow students to be active for a lifetime.

    State of Illinois Learning Standards
    Goals #22-#24 for PD/Health Education

    • #22 Understand principles of health promotion and the prevention and treatment of illness and injury. 
    • #23 Understand human body systems and factors that influence growth and development. 
    • #24 Promote and enhance health and well-being through the use of effective communication and decision-making skills. 



    BHS Learning Targets for Health Education