Physical Education

Physical Education

  • Physical Education is a required program that is offered to every student at Bartlett High School. The purpose of Physical Education is to promote lifelong learning in both the physical and cognitive domains. Physical Education is a sequential educational program that teaches students how to understand and participate in physical activities that can assist in developing and maintaining physical fitness throughout their lifetimes. It teaches students to understand and improve their motor skills. It encourages students to enjoy using their skills, knowledge and good decision-making abilities to establish a healthy lifestyle and to understand how their bodies work.

    Physical Education … it’s about life.

    The BHS Physical Education Curriculum is aligned with the K-12 U-46 Concept Based Physical Education Curriculum and Illinois State Learning Standards #19-#21.

Mr. Bral - Driver Education/ Health Education/ Physical Education Divisional

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Physical Education and Health Education Student of the quarter!

  • Bartlett High School has pride in our Physical Education and Health Education programs!  Each quarter our department will nominate students who are deserving of the award.  We will honor students who go above and beyond in displaying the following characteristics during and outside of class:

    -      Respectful

    -      Enthusiasm

    -      Competitive

    -      Helpful

    -      Dedicated

    -      Prepared

    -      Sportsmanship

    -      Improvement of fitness testing scores

Bartlett High School Physical Education Mission

  • Our purpose in Physical Education is to promote lifelong learning in both the cognitive and physical domains. By motivation and encouragement, students will be introduced to a life of self-improvement and wellness. We strive to build positive self-esteem by teaching communication, cooperation and decision-making skills. These valuable life lessons will prepare students physically and mentally for the 21st Century. Our philosophy is to encourage students to be active and fit in the moment and more importantly, to teach concepts, strategies and skills that allow students to be active for a lifetime.


  • #19-Acquire movement and motor skills and understand concepts necessary to engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity. (Psychomotor*)

    #20-Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness based upon continual self-assessment. (Cognitive/Assessments)

    #21-Develop skills necessary to become a successful member of a team by working with others during physical activity. (Affective**)


  • 1.  The student will utilize health & fitness components related to an ever changing lifelong plan that will enhance the quality of life.

    2.  The student will display the cooperative skills of teamwork, group & peer interaction, leadership, decision making & sportsmanship that reflect mutual respect.

    3.  The student will show knowledge, understand relevance & demonstrate life involvement in a variety of sports activities.

    4.  The student will demonstrate and understand safety concepts in various exercises & activities in regard to self, facility/equipment and community.


  • 1.  To have our students learn and practice effective strategies for changing behaviors and improving self-esteem in various health-related areas, such

    as exercise, safety habits, and stress management.

    2.  To have our students display the cooperative social skill of teamwork, group and peer interaction, leadership, and sportsmanship that reflect MUTUAL RESPECT.

    3.  To have our students understand the daily physical activity will help to ensure that they will live not only a long life but also a quality, productive life.

    4.  To have our students develop a working knowledge of fitness, sport and healthy leisure activities that will increase interest in recreational lifetime endeavors.

    5.  To have our students be able to create a Physical Education portfolio that includes personal goals, interest surveys and activity planning and assessment results.
    All Physical Education Classes will be included in the Grade Point Index (GPI). Daily attendance, contribution and participation are necessary for the successful completion of this class.



    Leadership Rubric