Social Studies

  • Department Vision
    Students will leave Bartlett High School as independent and creative thinkers that have the historical, cultural, political, legal and social knowledge and skills to become well-informed, involved citizens capable of anticipating and meeting the challenges of self-governance in the global community.

    To this end, we will develop students':

    • Knowledge of the core content of historical, political, economic, legal and social issues of our world, our nation and our community.
    • Ability to see the world from different perspectives — those of the historian, the geographer, the economist, the political scientist, the psychologist, the lawyer and other social scientists — and employ the different tools and techniques of each discipline in critical thought.
    • Intellectual curiosity to promote lifelong learning.
    • Critical reading, critical thinking and formulaic writing skills.
    • Ability to objectively analyze and evaluate various sources of information.
    • Capacity to make links across multiple content areas.
    • Ability to incorporate research to support oral and written communication.
Adele Dalesandro – Social Studies/World Languages/ELA Divisional Chair x4632