World Languages

  • Learning a new language can be a challenge, but the following tips will help you strengthen your foreign language skills:

    • Practice, practice, practice
    • Read picture books in the language
    • Read Young Adult literature in the language
    • Watch a foreign language movie with the subtitles in that language
    • Watch a foreign language television channel
    • Listen to foreign language radio programs
    • Watch an English speaking television program that has been dubbed over in the other language (many can be found on YouTube)
    • Create flash cards — and use them everyday
    • Do the extra activities on the online textbook (or regular textbook)
    • Speak to your teacher about other online resources
    • Review your class work and notes everyday
    • Associate with native speakers and practice with them

    The foreign language teachers have many other recommendations they can offer. Students, speak with your teachers for additional help.

Ms. Adele Dalesandro- Language Arts/World Languages/Social Studies Divisional x4632
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