Late Work Policies

  • Business Education:

    Missing and Late Assignments

    • It is each student's responsibility to ask for any missing assignments or makeup work due to absences from the class. Students will be given one day for each day's excused absence to complete missing work. All missing work will receive a zero. Late work will be accepted up to 5 days after the due date.
    • After the fifth day, the assignment will be considered missing and receive a zero.

    Driver Education

    • Any homework or test can be made up for full credit through the last day of the quarter. However, if students have missing assignments, they will not be allowed to complete any behind the wheel hours during class time. Missing assignments reset for the second/fourth quarters.

    Family & Consumer Science

    • The FACS Department's late work policy allows students the opportunity to turn in projects, assignments and labs five school days from the due date. After five school days, the students will not receive any credit for missing work. The FACS Department strongly encourages students to attend class daily and complete all their work by the due date.

    Health Care Sciences:

    "Make up Work Policy" for health sciences:

    • Students are responsible for missed work. It is your responsibility to ask for and obtain any work you have missed. A score of 0 will be recorded until the missing work has been turned in.
    • Students who have absences due to illness will be given one day per absence from school to make up excused work and hand in homework assignments.
    • Students who have an absence that is unexcused will be penalized for late work.
    • Makeup tests will be given to students who missed the exam or quiz due to an excused absence and must be taken within the first two days of returning to class.
    • If a student misses class due to a field trip or other school program, the student may be required to take an exam, quiz or turn in assignments prior to the trip.
    • Students who are absent on test days will usually be given an alternate make-up test to protect testing integrity and security. Makeup tests will rarely be in the same format as those given on test day.
    • Students who are absent for in-class writing assignments, group projects and/or presentations may be assigned modified or alternate forms of assessment.
    • Late homework will be penalized the equivalent of one full letter grade. Alternative and/or additional homework may be assigned, if original assignment has been returned to classmates.

    Health Late Work Policy

    • 1st day late = 75%
    • 2nd day late = 65% (half credit is better than a zero)
    • Absences and make-ups will be dealt with according to the Bartlett High School Student Handbook Policy
    • If you are absent on the day of a test it becomes YOUR responsibility to make it up the day you return.
    • All late work may be turned in up until the last week of each semester. After the last day, all missing grades will be recorded as a zero.

    Language Arts:

    Missing and Late Assignments

    • In an effort to make students college and career ready, it is imperative that all students understand the importance of deadlines. All due dates will be communicated, and students will be given an ample and appropriate amount of time to complete assignments. Students are expected to complete all assignments by the assigned due date. Late work will be accepted until the end of the day it was due for full credit. Work handed in the next school day, after the assignment was originally due, will be accepted with up to a four-mark reduction. After that, the assignment may remain a zero. In order to avoid late work penalties, it is the students' responsibility to closely monitor assignments and due dates, and they must communicate anticipated issues prior to the deadline. Furthermore, in-class work will be done in the time provided unless additional time is given per teacher discretion. Students who have an excused absence are allowed a day per absence to make up the in-class work.

    Math Department:

    AP Calculus BC

    • 10% deduction per each day late

    AP Stats

    • All work is expected to be completed within the prescribed time frame. There will be a deduction of one mark level for each day assigned work is late.

    Alg 3-4/Honors Geo/Alg 1-2/Alg 1-2/Geo/Hon Alg3-4/AP Calculus AB/Honors PC/PC

    • Late work accepted up to two days late no penalty

    Support classes/Cross-cat

    • Late work accepted until the summative assessment

    Finite Mathematics

    • Homework assignments will be collected for full credit for two days after the original due date. After the two-day grace period it will be collected for a grade of 1 out of 5. If it is never turned in it will be entered as 0 out of 5

    PE Division Syllabus:

    • Students have the opportunity to make up missed days. Makeup can be accomplished through our Take-Home Makeup Program or by other means according to the individual teachers' syllabi. Makeup work/late work will be accepted until the end of the quarter. Projects/assignments that are late will accrue a loss of Affective Learning Domain points daily until the end of the unit.

    Performing Arts:

    • Performing Arts are performance-based curriculums. Students are expected to participate in all performance events. Expectations include strong communication by students regarding their inability to participate in performance activities/assessments which will be addressed using differentiated assignments. There are no make-up opportunities for ensemble concerts.

     Science Late Work Policies:


    • Late work will be accepted for partial credit in a period as determined by the teacher and a penalty not to exceed 50% of work credit. 

    Honors Biology

    • Late work will be accepted for two school days after due date with 10% off per day.

    AP Biology

    • 10% late penalty for overnight lab work per day


    • Labs and projects will be accepted late for a 10% reduction in points per day late. After five days, a 0 out of 5 will be given. If a student does turn in the assignment that late, the teacher will assess it and note that the assignment was turned in in the comment section of Infinite Campus. 

    Honors Chemistry

    • Labs and projects will be accepted late for a 10% reduction in points per day late. After 5 days, a 0 out of 5 will be given. If a student does turn in the assignment that late, the teacher will assess it and note that the assignment was turned in in the comment section of Infinite Campus.

    AP Chemistry

    • Late projects and lab reports will be accepted for a 10% reduction of points per day late. Any such work that is five or more days late will receive a mark of 0 out of 5.


    • 10% per day on labs and practice 

    Honors Physics

    • 10% per day on labs and practice

    Integrated Physical Science

    • Late work will be accepted with a 25% reduced grade until end of the current Quarter

    Environmental Science

    • Late work is accepted up to the day of the review for the unit. 10% per day.

    AP Environmental Science

    • Late Work accepted for partial credit


    • Late work is accepted up to the day of the review for the unit. 10% per day.

    Social Studies:

    • Late work will be accepted up to five days past the due date.

    Technology Education:

    • Technology and PLTW classes will accept late work for only five school days at a 20% reduction. After five school days, no late work will be accepted and a grade of 0 will be issued.

    Visual Arts:

    • In the Visual Arts Department the expectation is that all students will meet assignment deadlines. However, late work will be accepted up to two weeks after the due date without penalty (unless otherwise specified by the teacher). Significantly late work will be accepted but may be subject to a grade penalty. All late work must be turned in three days prior to the end of each quarter to allow teachers time to grade this work in addition to mid-terms and final exams.

    World Languages:

    • Your grade will be based on unit assessments of the target language in reading, writing, speaking and listening.
    • You must complete the requirements of this course in order to receive credit.
    • Failure to complete the required assessments will result in an incomplete.
    • Projects and presentations decrease by one letter grade per day late.
    • All other late work is accepted at teacher's discretion.