AVID Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find more information about the AVID program?

    Who developed the AVID program?
    Mary Catherine Swanson, an English teacher at Clairmont High School in San Diego, California began developing the AVID strategies in 1980

    What schools have AVID?
    AVID is an international program whose components can serve 4th-12th grade students. It is currently in over 3,500 schools in 45 states and 15 countries.

    Why are Cornell Notes used in the AVID program?
    Educational research completed by Dr. Robert Marzano's studies show a 34% increase in academic performance.

    What do Cornell Notes look like?
    Cornell notes consist of a question/main idea column on the left side of the page, a note section on the right side of the page with a vertical line separating the two sides, and a summary section at the end of the day's notes.