20-21 Student Parking

Dean's Office Procedure

  • Parents and students:  Please be sure to read through the expectations sheet so everyone knows what we expect of our student drivers.  The Deans’ Office is open to process student parking either before school (7:00-7:30 am), or after school (until 3:30 pm).  Sophomores should have already completed a pre-approval and been approved by their dean in order to apply for a parking sticker. Stickers will be issued to students who have

    • completed a Student Parking application card AND have both parent and student signatures.

    • shown their valid driver’s license (or a ticket with the student’s driver’s license number on it).

    • shown the insurance card specific to the vehicle they will be registering.  Insurance period must still be in force….no expired cards will be accepted.

    •  paid the $100 fee (cash or check) to Bartlett High School.