Career Planning

  • Now is the Time to Plan for Post Secondary Education and Future Careers

    Career Planning is designed to assist parents and students in developing a vertically aligned strategic plan that helps students select a program of study that provides direction when selecting academic/elective courses that support the knowledge and skill development needed to achieve identified educational and career goals.

    Our goal is to help students understand the importance of developing a plan while providing a forum for parents and students to access knowledge, support, and resources. Each high school and middle school has access to a Career Specialist who is dedicated to providing resources and support in assisting students to identify personal education/career goals.

    Online access to Career Cruising, a career/educational planning resource, is available to every secondary student and may be utilized at home by parents to assist students making decisions related to career and educational opportunities.

    If you have any questions concerning your college or career plan, please contact your student's guidance counselor.