Andrew Boston

  • Andrew Boston

    The first U-46 Board of Education (BOE) student advisor Andrew Boston graduated from South Elgin High School in 2010.

    Andrew then earned his Bachelor's degree at Northwestern University and his Master’s Degree at the University of Colorado, majoring in chemical engineering at both institutions. Andrew continued his focus in the chemical industry as a consultant to a few companies and now works as a Safety Engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers in Chicago.

    While at Northwestern, Andrew was involved in various leadership roles, such as being a college leader for the Students Today Leaders Forever Program, a member of Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, and Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW). He continued his leadership role with the Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY), a global community of volunteers dedicated to service and innovation.

    Andrew served as the U-46 Board of Education (BOE) Student Advisor during the 2009-10 school year. Andrew learned about the importance of feedback in politics and how open meetings and public opinion may result in change to an organization's policies. He witnessed his high school grow from a new building with no traditions or school spirit into a full-fledged institution.   

    “The Board of Education gave me the confidence to believe that I could achieve anything I wanted to,” Andrew said. “As a student from a new high school who had only been involved on the District level for a year, it gave me an edge in professional settings which helped me become more relaxed in front of large crowds.”