Cesar Dimas

  • Cesar Dimas

    Cesar Dimas, Larkin High School (LHS) Class of 2014 graduate, attends the University of Chicago where he is majoring in classical studies. Cesar served as the 2013-14 Student Advisor for the U-46 Board of Education learning how to encounter and communicate with people of diverse backgrounds.

    “Being a Student Advisor helped me frame my perspective of education and what it means to be a student,” Cesar said. “I’ve taken the experience I had serving on the Board in all aspects when I’m participating in clubs or campus activities.”

    At the University of Chicago, Cesar is involved in intramural sports, House Council and on-campus clubs. He is working on a large scale project for the upcoming Class of 2021 Freshman Orientation.

    As a Larkin Royal, Cesar participated in various community service groups while serving as the President of the National Honors Society. One of his highest honors as a U-46 student, he said, was serving as the Board’s Student Advisor. He recommends incoming Student Advisors to take the role one day at a time and to be yourself.

    “I’ve always been encouraged to reach higher and to rely on the people who've supported me,” Cesar said. “As a student representative, you want to communicate with others from all schools and from all walks of life. If at times it seems overwhelming, remember that you were chosen for a reason and that you don’t have to do it alone.”

    After serving on the Board, Cesar was better prepared to manage and reach across various groups of people while attending college. He appreciates the Board’s support and is confident that he has people he can turn to at U-46.