• Registration for Current Students

    To complete online registration for 2019-20, click on the "Infinite Campus Parent Portal" link.

    If you have a question that is specific to your student's school, please contact the staff at your school or visit the school's website.  For other questions, please contact the Student Registration Office through the Contact Us link.

    For returning families, the process takes about 15 minutes, add 5 minutes for each student in your registration. Most of the application will be review and confirmation, but there are a number of new sign-off this year for grades 7-12. 

    If you have a student in grades PK, K, 6, 9 and 12, there is an option to upload your child's physicals and/or immunizations right into the Registration Application. For more info on requirements, see "Health Requirements" below.

    Current Families must register in person if:

    • You have moved and need to update your address.
    • You have a new kindergarten student who was not pre-registered. Please complete online registration and add this student to your online application as a New Student.  Then, contact the school or the Registration Office to make an appointment to turn in your child's birth certificate and your proof of residency.  Your kindergarten student will not be scheduled into a class until all required paperwork is received.
    • You have a new preschool student. Preschool age children need to be screened in order to qualify for placement.  Please call 847-888-5000 ext. 6094 to make a screening appointment.  New or returning preschool students will not be scheduled into a class until all required paperwork is received. 

    To be fully registered, the following must be completed:

    1. Online Registration Application Submitted
    2. Approved Proof of Residency on file at each school
    3. Up-to-Date Medical Information on file at each school
    4. Required Fees Paid in Full  

    To print a Proof of Enrollment letter for your student, or to check on the status of your student's registration, go to the Registration Checklist.  Use your Infinite Campus Parent Portal username and password to log in. 

    Current U-46 Parents who still need to pay fees for this school year can click here for the  Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  You will need your Infinite Campus Parent Portal username and password.

    Proof of Residency

    All current U-46 students with a change of address, or new students to the district, must go to their new school to register.  The following is required to prove residency:

    1. Proof of Custody and Residency Form - English or Spanish
    2. Two (2) Proofs of Residency as indicated in the form above
    3. Affidavit of Resident Regarding Residency of Others - English or Spanish  This form is only needed if the parent/guardian does not own or lease their residence. This form MUST be updated annually. 

    If you cannot provide the required documents, please contact Project Access at 847-888-5000 ext. 6768 or 6765.

    Please note: Certain proofs of residency require annual updates, or when a document expires. If requested, the information will need to be turned into your child’s school before registration is considered complete. ALL Affidavits of Residency must be updated annually.

    Click here to find your school’s phone number and website. 

    Health Requirements

    Students entering Preschool, Kindergarten, 6th, 9th, and 12th grade are required to submit health records to the school.  Click here to see the requirements for your student. As an option, you may upload your child's physical and/or imunization records right to the Registration Application, or you may email them to the Health Services Department. For questions, please email healthservices@u-46.org.

    Registration Fees

    All required registration fees must be paid in full to be considered fully registered and to avoid additional fees.  Required fees include: Instructional, Gifted/Academy, Driver’s Education fees.  A $25 fee has been added to the Registration Fee for students in grades 5-12. This fee will cover the cost of insurance for the Chromebooks that will be provided by the district for each of these students. For further information on fees, please use the Student Fees link on the left.

    Accepted forms of payment:

    • Online payment: Debit/Credit Card and checking/savings account payments accepted online.  No processing fees charged!  Payments may be made through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  Sign in to the Parent Portal and then click on "Payments".
    • Payment in person:
      • Cash/Money Order - Accepted at all school levels
      • Debit/Credit Card - Accepted at Middle and High Schools only. 

    Optional fees must be paid at your child’s school.  See your school’s website for more information. Optional fees include: Parking permit, customized yearbook, activity card fees.

    For Athletic Fee payment options, please see your High School’s Athletic Website.

    Transportation and Busing Questions?  
    Please visit the the Transportation website or call 847-888-5000 ext. 5095.

    Student Registration Office Contact Information

    The objective of the Student Registration Office is to support learning for all U-46 students through efficient and accurate student registration.  If you have a question that is specific to your student's school, please contact the staff at your school or visit the school's website.  For other questions, please contact the Student Registration Office through the Contact Us link on the left for a prompt response.  

    Lynn Ward, Registration Coordinator
    847-888-5000  Ext. 5715

    Rosa Ramirez, Registration Secretary
    847-888-5000  Ext. 5016 (para Español)

    Department E-mail: Registration@u-46.org  

    Fax: 847-608-2759