HERO-High School Tardiness Prevention

  • School District U-46 wants students to have the best possible learning experience while at school. In an effort to teach and encourage positive behavior and work skills, the District utilizes several online tools related to student progress. Below you will find helpful information and links for Hero and Infinite Campus.

    Hero is a behavioral management application used in the middle schools and high schools at U-46 to reinforce positive behaviors, monitor attendance, and promote accountability. Previously, students who were tardy were sent to the main office to retrieve a tardy pass, causing them to lose valuable learning time. With the cloud-based Hero program, teachers can note a student’s attendance and punctuality from their laptop, allowing for fewer disruptions and a better classroom environment. To access the Quick-Start guide for parents, click here.

    Hero is used by schools for:

    • Recording when students are late to class.
    • Tracking disciplinary actions associated with accumulated tardies.
      • Hero tracks when a disciplinary action is assigned and when the student completes the action.
      • For more details on the consequences for unexcused tardies, please see a list of administrators’ contact information below.
    • Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Click here to learn more on the District’s use of PBIS within the MTSS framework.
      • Using Hero, teachers and staff members can recognize when students meet school-wide behavior expectations by awarding Hero points.
      • Students can use Hero points like currency, redeeming them for items in the school store or purchasing entries into raffles for items like a free yearbook.
      • Each school has developed their own student incentive program, please see a list of administrators’ contact information below.
    • By creating a Hero account, students and guardians can see students’ behavior history which includes:
      • The number of times a student has been tardy to class
      • Compliance with disciplinary actions
      • Accumulated Hero points including:
        • Total earned in the school year
        • Available for redemption


    Infinite Campus (IC) provides real-time access to classroom activities so parents and guardians can understand, monitor, and participate in the educational process. Infinite Campus is used by U-46 schools for:

    • Student schedules
    • Report cards
    • Transportation information
    • Attendance at school
      • Categorized as excused/unexcused
      • For more details on a student’s attendance, please refer to Hero above.


    Bartlett High School Assistant Principal Peter Serpe, PeterSerpe@U-46.org

    Elgin High School Assistant Principal Jesse Jones, JesseJones@U-46.org

    Larkin High School Assistant Principal Antonio Rios, AntonioRios@U-46.org

    South Elgin High School Assistant Principal Lori Lopez, LoriLopez@u-46.org

    Streamwood High School Assistant Principal Latoya McIntosh, LatoyaMcIntosh@U-46.org


    Abbott Middle School Assistant Principal Chris Zugel, ChrisZugel@U-46.org

    Canton Middle School Assistant Principal William Jackson, WilliamJackson@U-46.org

    Eastview Middle School Assistant Principal Donna Magnuson, DonnaMagnuson@U-46.org

    Ellis Middle School Assistant Principal Nicholas Baird, NicholasBaird@U-46.org

    Kenyon Woods Middle School Assistant Principal Marilyn Mattei, MarilynMattei@U-46.org

    Kimball Middle School Assistant Principal Jaime Cadengo, JaimeCadengo@U-46.org

    Larsen Middle School Assistant Principal Marc Spacone, MarcSpacone@U-46.org

    Tefft Middle School Assistant Principal Mark Gonnella, MarkGonnella@U-46.org