• Parents come together once a month at Coleman Elementary School for the CoPA Program (Coleman Parents in Action).  

    At Coleman Elementary it is our goal to have our students college-ready in case they decide to attend a College/University as they graduate from high school. Parents are one of the most important components of this equation. 

    CoPA is a group of parents who are interested in actively participating in different workshops during the year. These workshops are offered at Coleman School from 6:00-8:00 P.M. throughout the school year. The workshops are around topics that will help you work with your children at home. 

    Examples of topics are: 

    • Paths to a successful Future for your Child:
    • What can you do to Support Your Child?
    • Nurturing Positive Behaviors With my Children   
    • Building a Protective Shield for my Kids against Bullying
    • Library Visit to Gail Borden
    • Reading at home/ Why read aloud?
    • Children’s Writing 
    • Math at Home 
    • Rights, Duties and Responsibilities as Parents 
    • Internet and Web resources/Cyber bullying 

    This is a great opportunity to meet, share ideas and experiences with teachers and other parents, as well as to learn some new ideas on a path to a successful future for your child.  If you like to be part of this amazing team come, you may join us any time. 

    Babysitters and snacks are provided on every session. 

    Make a difference today!