Mr. Bieschke's Royal Home Page

  • There are two major objectives I work for everyday as a Larkin High School teacher.

    1. Provide support to every student and help them focus effort to obtain the necessary credits to graduate.

    2. Supervise the capture, edit, and distribution of Royal achievement.

    If you are looking for something that is not here, feel free to email,

  • Avoid Delay - Start Now

    1. Log-in upon entering the classroom
    2. Print-out "Activity" (Reading, Study Guide, Practice, Lab, etc) - Pick-one
    3. Obtain answers for "Activity" and complete
    4. Review Study Section
    5. Take notes on every quiz and test.
    6. Convert all questions and answers into facts you understand
    7. Ask questions when stuck
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  • The first steps of starting an APEX course:

    1. Turn-in Form to counselor.  No form = No APEX
    2. Determine how many activities you are required to complete to earn a credit.
    3. Multiply each activity by 45 - 60 minutes per activity.  
    4. Determine an estimated amount time it will take to earn credit.
    5. Estimate the number of days you have to earn a credit.
    6. Estimate the amount of time you will need to spend daily to earn a credit.
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