School Guidelines


    Students who walk to school 

    In order to provide security and safety to our children walking back and forth to school, please let your child know of the following procedures:

    1. All students walking in the East of Walnut must cross the street with a patrol at Center and Walnut, then cross the street Center with the patrol in the Northwest corner of Walnut and Center and continue to East in Walnut.
    2. All students walking North and West of Walnut must cross the street with a patrol at Center and Walnut on the side North of Walnut and proceed West
    3. Students who are living on the South side of Walnut they can walk on that same side (avoiding any junction in the middle of the street). Because there is so much traffic at the intersection of Center and Walnut, here is where the majority of our students must cross, it is for safety of your child


    Parents who drive their students to school

    In order to keep your child safe, if you wish to drive your child to school, please follow the directions below. Safety of our children is our number one priority.


    1. Cars pick up and drop off in front of school on Elm St. only.
    2. Please do not drop students off on Center Street.
    3. Pick up students – you can park your car in the parking lot. The students will wait in front of the school. Teachers and student patrols will help load them into the car.
    4. All cars please exit through the parking lot.
    5. Please do not wave or ask your child to cross an intersection as it is not safe.

    Birthday Treat (Beginning October 1, 2015)

    Many children enjoy sharing a treat with classmates on their birthday, and cupcakes seem to be the most popular choice. Cupcakes can be messy, and difficult to clean up. It takes about 15 – 20 minutes to pass out, eat and clean up cupcakes. Children are usually completing some schoolwork while eating cupcakes and it can be difficult to work. We typically have cupcakes at least 12 times per year, which adds up to around 200 lost minutes in instruction. Most students do not finish their cupcakes, so they end up being thrown out. This year we are asking parents to send cookies sealed and small juice instead of cupcakes. You can also send pencils, erasers, donate a book to the library or even a small treat bag for the class. We want to thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    Ontarioville Elementary Parent, Teacher and Student Agreement 

    Parent Agreement

    To help my child achieve and learn I will:

    • Ensure that my child attends school regularly and on time.
    • Attend all parent teacher conferences.
    • Send my child to school rested and ready to learn.
    • Communicate with the teacher about my child’s progress.
    • Be sure my child has a designated place at home to do homework.
    • Support the school’s goals for learning & PBIS
    • Check my child’s take home folder every Thursday


    Staff Agreement

    To help students achieve and learn, as a staff member of Ontarioville School we will:

    • Motivate students to complete work neatly and on time.
    • Keep parents informed of student progress through oral and written communication.
    • Value or family’s cultural and linguistic diversity.
    • Provide opportunities for parents to be involved in the learning process.
    • Support the school’s goals for learning & PBIS.
    • Provide a weekly take home folder with assignments, notes & school information


    Student Agreement

    To learn, it is important that I work to the best of my ability.  I will:

    • Attend school on time daily.
    • Read 30 minutes daily and complete all homework assignments.
    • Always do my best and ask for help when necessary.
    • Respect all students and staff.
    • Observe the PBIS expectations for behavior:  Be safe, be respectful, and be responsible.
    • Support the school’s goals for learning.
    • Bring home my weekly take home folder.


    2018 - 2019 Ontarioville Uniform Recommendation

    All elementary students in School District U-46 are required to follow the dress code outlined in the 2018-19 Student Handbook. In addition, Ontarioville School, in recognition of the importance of encouraging a focus on academics and promoting a safe, secure learning environment, shall implement, within the parameters set forth below, a standard recommended uniform for the school.


    Recommended Styles


    Styles include blouses/button downs, turtlenecks, and polo shirts. Color selection includes solid navy blue, light blue, and white. In addition, we recommend the following:

    • Clothing that fits appropriately


    Styles include long or short pants, dresses, jumpers, skirts/shorts, and capri pants. Recommended color is  navy blue. Overalls are not recommended. In addition, we recommend the following:

    • Appropriate size that is  fitted at the waist and covers underwear

    Outer Garments

    Appropriate size cardigans, crew necks, V-necks, hooded sweaters, and vest.   Recommended colors are navy blue, light blue, and white.


    For the safety of your child and other students, Proper footwear and socks must be worn at all the times. We suggest sneakers.


    Hats, caps, hoods, hairnets, or bandannas may not be worn during school time

    Uniform Recommendation will be reviewed annually Note: Location to buy uniforms

    Local stores that usually carry these type of garments include (but are not limited to) Wal-Mart, Sears, Kohl’s, Target and Old Navy Rev 2108