Safety & Culture

  • Ontarioville strive to build a positive school climate where individuals feel valued, cared for and respected. This includes community, parents, teachers and students. With a positive climate it will promote effective teaching and learning and help our students achieve their goals and dream. 

    Some of our believes and values:

    • Fostering respect for diversity
    • Support the development of healthy physical and emotional individuals
    • Fostering inclusive and respectful language
    • Continuous communication between home and school
    • Support individual needs
    • Value democratic processes
    • Building self esteem


    We want our students to feel safe and we condone any kind of bullying. A student can report bullying to any adult at any school site, but the most appropriate individuals are most likely a teacher, social worker, dean, assistant principal, or principal. Anyone can also report a bullying incident via the online U-46 Reporting Form. Complaints can be made anonymously or they can share their name and contact information. The District Coordinator of Student Discipline receives reports via email or phone call: Email: and Phone: 847-888-5000 ext. 5357

    For more information, please visit the U46 website.



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