• The PTO seeks to support and positively influence our children’s lives through several means; parent and teacher cooperation, bringing the home-school relationship closer together, and hold fund-raising activities as needed to support programs to enrich and benefit our students. 

    PTO Board

    President: Besty Mendez                                                     

    Co Vice-President: Dawn Skarzynski

    Co Vice-President: 

    Treasurer: Martha Hernandez 

    Secretary- Julie Tiknis

    Administrative Rep: Dr. Andrea Erickson

    Teacher Reps:  Lilian Ferrari (1st Grade DL) and Pamela Daffin (Speech Language Pathologist)

    PTO Meetings are open to parents/family members with children at Century Oaks!  

    Meetings are held in the Century Oaks library from 6:00 to 7:00 PM, once every trimester.