•  Joanna Torres

    Joanna Torres

    When Joanna Torres was a junior at Larkin High School, her sister who worked at the Elgin State Bank put in a good word that helped her land a job as a part-time teller.

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  •  nate christenson

    Nate Christenson

    Nate Christenson attended the Visual and Performing Arts Academy at Larkin High School and entered college with an eye toward a theater degree. But he found a second act in the advertising industry.

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  •  Elizabeth Flood

    Elizabeth Flood

    When Elizabeth Flood was deciding on a career, she knew she wanted two things: First, a job she would enjoy doing because, after all, you’ll spend a lot of time at work. And second, she wanted to pursue a career that involved public service.

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  •  Tony Pellegrino

    Tony Pellegrino

    It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, the saying goes, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. The size of the fight in 2005 Larkin High School graduate Tony Pellegrino is considerable, and he has the resume to back it up.

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  • Michael Oine

    Michael Oine

    Elgin Fire Department Captain Michael Oine found inspiration for his career close to home. The inspiration was actually inside his family home, sitting at the dinner table.

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  • Brittney Walker

    Brittney Walker

    Brittney Walker has been to college. Actually, she’s been to colleges, a lot of them. One-hundred seventeen at last count.

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  • Noe Velazquez

    Noe Velazquez

    Noe Velazquez grew up in Elgin, attending Garfield and Highland elementary schools and Kimball Middle School before graduating from Larkin High School. Now he's the principal of Lords Park Elementary in U-46.

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  •  State Senator Cristina Castro

    Cristina Castro

    Cristina Castro is now a state senator, but when she attended Larkin High School, she was a quiet student whose favorite subject was math. And her future aspirations did not include a career in politics.

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  • Kirby O'Connell Longbrake

    Kirby O'Connell Longbrake

    Kirby O’Connell Longbrake says a career in drama seemed like it was in the cards early on, when she was pegged as the "ham" of her family. That led her to Larkin High School's Visual and Performing Arts Academy and life as an actor and television host.

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  • Courtney Reed

    Courtney Reed

    Courtney Reed, a graduate of Larkin High School’s Visual Performing Arts Academy, began performing in plays at age six.

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  • Megan Fahey Monty

    Megan Fahey Monty

    It’s not often easy, but for 2004 Larkin High School graduate Megan Fahey Monty, a love of practicing law makes questions of her career choice an open-and-shut case.

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  • Katrina Syrris

    Katrina Syrris

    From the Daily Herald

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  • Matt Wahl

    Matt Wahl

    Matt Wahl, a 2012 graduate of Larkin High School’s Visual and Performance Arts Academy, is among Academy alums who credits his time in the school’s fine arts program as giving him an advantage and a network of supportive teachers and peers.

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  • Mary Czech

    Mary Czech

    Contrary to popular opinion, show business is not all that glamorous. That said, a life in the entertainment industry is just fine with Mary Czech, a 2006 graduate of the Visual and Performing Arts Academy at Larkin High School.

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  • Joseph Pitt

    Joseph Pitt

    Joseph Pitt studied vocal performance during his days at the Visual and Performing Arts Academy at Larkin High School.

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  • Jenifer Sniezek

    Jenifer Sniezek

    Jenifer Sniezek studied dance at the Visual and Performing Arts Academy at Larkin High School, but she has taken what might be considered some surprising steps to reach her childhood dream of practicing veterinary medicine.

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  • Jessica (Moellendorf) Himmelreich

    Jessica (Moellendorf) Himmelreich

    Jessica (Moellendorf) Himmelreich has entered the world of business, but the lessons she learned as a 2001 graduate of Larkin High School’s Visual and Performing Arts Academy still play a key role in her life.

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