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Secondary Summer School Programming

May 22, 2020

Middle and high school students who end second semester (May 26) with an incomplete will be contacted by their counselor so that they may enroll in our proficiency summer programming. Students will be able to show proficiency by working through Apex Tutorials with the support of a teacher.  Once students have shown proficiency, their grade will reflect completion.

Students who end the second semester with an incomplete in a course for which there are no available Apex Tutorials will be contacted by their counselor to enroll in a distance learning summer school course.  These students will remediate their credit by successfully completing the second semester in that class.

For students who failed a class during the first semester, counselors will reach out to them to register for that first semester class in distance learning summer school.  

Finally, students hoping to graduate early or create flexibility in their schedule can register for distance learning secondary school. Courses required for graduation will be offered based on student enrollment.  If a student is interested in secondary summer school, he/she should reach out to their counselor.  

All summer school programming begins on Monday June 8th. If you have questions or a concern your school counselor can’t answer, please send a message using the “distance learning” button on Let’s Talk.