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During the month of October, the SEHS Physical Education department
is participating in *Kid President’s SOCKtober* to show
that even the smallest acts of kindness-like donating a pair of
NEW socks– can make a big difference and make the world
There are 600,000 people without a home on any given night in
the United States. As the winter season creeps in, homeless
shelters have a great need for socks of all sizes to keep the feet
of those in need warm and dry. Remember homelessness
affects many. Socks for men, women and children are needed.
Step 1: Collect NEW socks (any size)
Step 2: Turn them into your PE / Health teacher
Step 3: Feel proud you helped support people who are homeless in your
Step 4: Spread the word with #SOCKtober
For more information visit the Official Website at: