Ursula Gordon

Ursula Gordon is in the business of helping people reach their dreams. As a manager in the underwriting department at one of the nation’s leading lenders, Ursula manages a team of 15 underwriters. The underwriters evaluate loan applications, which means reviewing income and assets to determine whether a potential buyer has the resources to pay a  home mortgage. 

As a student in the Streamwood High School Class of 1990, Gordon’s own dream was to practice law, which, she recalls, had some allure thanks in part to the television drama “L.A. Law,” as well as a class she took at SHS. 

Ursula Gordon

“I’m not sure what the course was, but we had a mock trial. Attorneys, witnesses. It was a custody battle,” recalls Gordon, who now resides in Chicago. “That is probably the first point when I realized I had a desire to go and be an attorney.”

The support of a school guidance counselor, Mr. Cliff Olsen, helped point her in the right direction.

“Mr. Olsen encouraged me to go beyond high school in pursuing what I wanted. He was instrumental in regard to college, by keeping me informed as far as my performance and where I stood.”

Upon graduation from Streamwood High School, Ursula earned a bachelor of science degree in political science from Eastern Illinois University. But on Ursula’s way to a career in law, she discovered the world of business and her abilities in that arena, and she decided to build a career there instead.

“It’s always something that has been of interest to me, but I never majored in it,” Gordon said. “Once I graduated, I found that I have a natural business acumen so all my jobs have been related to that.”

And while the law remains something that Ursula “won’t rule out,” she speaks with confidence and satisfaction of her work in the business world, and the dreams she is able to help others achieve. She enjoys management, in part, because she is able to mentor others and help them realize their career goals. 

“The best part, I think, is you know somehow you are playing a part in helping the customer achieve their home dream. I think that’s the most rewarding aspect,” Gordon said.  “It’s not always possible for us to approve every loan, but we do our best to make good decisions that would be best for the customer and the company.”