Gayle Toppel

Gayle Toppel Name: Gayle Toppel

Position: Algebra Interventionist - SEHS

Years worked in U-46: 27 

What was a special memory at U-46? 

Probably all of the amazing people (friends) I met along the way. Funniest memory: When I went to school on a Sunday morning and the church service at my school was short that day. I was in my classroom working and was accidentally locked in. When I heard the sirens roaring outside, I realized that I had set off the silent alarm at the Streamwood Police Department.

What was your favorite part of your job?

Making math come alive for kids!! Helping kids both academically and emotionally.

What do you enjoy doing outside of your profession?

Traveling, playing with grandkids, and going to Cubs games

What U-46 schools did you attend as a child?

Hanover Countryside, Central Junior High, and Elgin High School