Valerie Brosius


Name: Valerie Brosius

Position before retirement: Assistant Director C & I/MTSS

Years worked in the District: 4

What was one of your favorite memories at U-46? One Friday afternoon, shortly after I started, I returned to ESC after being out in buildings supporting teachers and administrators as the Assistant Director of Specialized Student Services for C & I. When I went to leave at 4:30, my car would not start as the battery was dead. Calling the Quad Cities home, I had a long drive ahead of me and I was truly stuck. Steve Burger, Assistant Superintendent Elementary School Instruction & Equity tried to locate jumper cables for me and provided a contact in Dixon, along my route home. Dr. Annette Acevedo, Director of English Language Learners, contacted her husband who came to my rescue and assured me that I did not need to purchase a battery at the Toyota Dealership. He too offered his number. Similarly, prior to retiring as the Assistant Director of C &I/MTSS, I experienced several health issues and once again, support from several principals, a couple of coordinators and, Jeff Judge, the Supervisor of Health Services, poured in. Several administrators shared personal stories and references for physicians and BHS Principal Mike Demovsky even offered to donate blood. Effective education does not come from just the head, it also must come from the heart. For these individuals, "relationships matter" is not just a platitude. Instead, it defines who they are and what they do on a daily basis, and I value their friendship and support. These meaningful connections encompass my favorite memories.

What was the favorite part of your job? I thoroughly enjoyed working with teachers and administrators across the District, focusing on providing equitable learning opportunities within the realm of Specialized Student Services and MTSS. Developing professional development, building systems and practices, and supporting the implementation of authentic resources for our bilingual students was rewarding as was the collaboration across departments.

What do you enjoy doing outside your profession? Reading, hiking, socializing with friends, and visiting family in MN and PA