Transcript from 8/19/2020 Communication

Good evening parents and students of Clinton Elementary School,

I wanted to record this video for you tonight to give you a better understanding of where we are headed for the next nine weeks of instruction. Before I get into that though, welcome back to our returning Cougars.  And a heartfelt welcome to our students who are new Clinton Cougars.  Clinton is a special place.  What you learn at Clinton will take you anywhere in the world you want to go.  We are so excited to see your faces on Monday, and to get you back on track as lifelong learners.

Please be on the lookout for several updates from School District U46, including opportunities to prepare for the upcoming school year. 

But I wanted to make sure that our expectations for learning are clear.  Classes begin on Monday, August 24.  We will begin synchronous classes each day at 8:30 in the morning, and end synchronous instruction at 11:30.  Then you will break for lunch.  After lunch you will have asynchronous work to do as directed by your teacher.  Our specials teachers will be stopping in during the first week to say hello.  Your specials will begin in full week 2.  

For our younger learners, synchronous is when you are on your computer or iPad, and your teacher is working with you through that computer.  You won’t be in the same room, but your teacher will be able to help you.  Asynchronous is when you have work to do on your own.  Our younger students will work with their teachers to build their stamina and may not be able to do all three hours right away.  That’s alright.  We are here to support you.

At Clinton, we want to figure out a way to rebuild a sense of community while we are in distance learning.  Honestly, we miss you!

We will have morning announcements every day that begin with the pledge of allegiance, moment of silence, birthday announcements and any other general announcements that we have.  I will do these announcements for the first month, then your teachers will do the announcements.  If we are still in distance learning once each teacher has a chance to do announcements, then we will have a sign up for you and your family to do our announcements.  We want everyone to feel a part of our online community.

This year, we are introducing our Clinton Cougar 4 C’s.  Care for yourself, care for others, care for your school and care for your community.  Our teachers will be leading you through what the 4Cs look like during distance learning.  We want you to care about who you are, we want you to have interests and hobbies that make you feel good.  We want you to care about the sports you play, and the learning your teachers engage you in, the music and  art that you create.  We want you to care about your family.  We want you to be a part of a community that cares.  Because as Cougars, we care about you.  

Because we care, I want to share some basic expectations with you.  Parents, set aside an appropriate area for your child to do their work at home.   This should be a space dedicated to your student’s learning.  If you can, have a size appropriate chair, and table.  The more structure you provide, the better your student will feel about their distance learning experience.  If you don’t have this space available, do your best.  Nothing about distance learning will be perfect.  Students, please have school appropriate clothes on while you are on camera and make sure that your background is appropriate to share with other students.  We still have work to do, and we need to dress and behave appropriately.  

Care about who you are online.  Have your materials prepared and be ontime.  Stay engaged, ask for help, and give your best effort.  

Care about others online.  Keep your conversations appropriate.  Use positive words when talking to other students and your teachers.  Follow your classroom expectations.

Care about your school.  Use your devices for school work only, and be responsible with that technology. 

Care about your community.  Tell your parents or guardians about school news and information. If you have siblings, make sure you let them be productive.  And help out around the house.  

We will be having a slow rollout on our academics this year.  The first week of learning will be mostly social- emotional learning.  Your teacher will be reteaching these expectations the first week so that we can make it a part of who we are as Clinton Cougars.  

To make a personal connection with students and parents, your teachers will be looking to schedule a time to meet you via zoom or google meets.  I hope we can accommodate your busy schedule, and start building our classroom communities together.

I’m sure you still have more questions than I have answers.  We are going to have to care for each other in this time, and be understanding while we strive to provide your students with the best education possible.  If you have any questions, send me an email, or give me a call.  I will put together a frequently asked questions page on our school website and share that with you. Make sure you go to our district Covid website and look at the webinars category.  There are several “how to” videos that will help you with everything from logging on, to navigating Canvas. 

As always, you are welcome to call me at 847-888-7045 extension 5189 or email me at with any questions.  This transcript is available on our website on our homepage.

It’s a great day to be a cougar!

Have a wonderful day, and we will see you on Monday!


Jonathon Miquelon

Principal of Clinton Elementary School

770 East Mill Street

847-888-7045 X 5189

Clinton Elementary School Website